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Red Smart Snow Pusher / Shovel 384055 Pack of 1
Keeps your pathways clear and safe from snow. Long handle for easy movement. Plastic blade won't damage road surface. Suitable for everyday use. Weighs just 690g. Sturdy wooden shaft. Colour: Red.


Snow Pusher Red 379992 Pack of 1
Take the back pain and time out of snow clearing. Light, easy and safe to use. Plastic blade is bi-directional pushing the snow the same way with every pass. Suitable for snow up to 5 inches. Blade width: 870mm. Non returnable.


Winter Car Park Kit 385077 Pack of 1
Winter Car Park Kit. 200L grit bin without hopper. Snow plough with bi-directional plastic blade. Contract salt spreader. 10 x 25kg bag of white de-icing salt. Non returnable.


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